Gemino supports small and medium-sized businesses with translations

The translation and localisation service provider Gemino ( is expanding its field of business in 2010 and has redesigned the content and appearance of its communication media accordingly. The goal of this undertaking is to attract new clients and businesses that need translations for their launch into foreign language markets.

Export-oriented medium-sized companies with complex products that need to be explained often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of options when searching for the right translation service provider. What they need is someone who can help them position their products and services in new markets. This is reason enough for Gemino to fully revise its corporate communications, especially its web presence. The new website focuses on businesses that are dealing with the issues of translation and localisation for the first time and that need a translation service provider that can provide them with consulting and support as they take their first steps in the translation marketplace. And that’s what Gemino does best. After all, with its individually tailored services and some 20 years of practical experience, Gemino can easily accommodate the needs and processes of its clients.

“With our new corporate communications, we want to address businesses who find themselves confronting the issue of professional translation and localisation for the first time. We want to assist these businesses and give them the practical guidance they need in separating the wheat from the chaff in today’s diverse translation marketplace. The same concept applies to our consulting process. Our priority is to find the best approach for the individual clients, taking their desires and processes into account. This approach ultimately pays off for the client,” says Christian Schwendy, managing director at Gemino. “We are planning to expand our range of consulting services even further in 2010, along with innovations in the area of technology solutions,” Schwendy adds.

With offices in Munich and Berlin, Gemino GmbH supports businesses in positioning their products and services in new markets. The company offers translations in more than 30 languages and works closely with over 300 experienced translation partners around the world. A team of 30 in-house employees provides consulting services to businesses from almost all sectors.

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