OTAM® - Outsourced Translation Asset Management.

OTAM® is a service offered by Gemino that allows TM content to be maintained and made available again for decentralised use, saving clients the expense of using a translation management system, which can often be considerable.

This allows companies to order translations from Gemino from decentralised systems – that is, from separate sources and locations. They are able to enjoy the benefits of a centralised management of translated content: more consistency, more cost-efficiency and transparent pricing, and the preservation of their translations for later use. And it’s all handled in the easiest possible way. The use of the latest translation memory systems (TM) can turn a simple translation into a translation asset – a translation with long-term value for your company.

Most of our clients are delighted after the very first conversation with us, because Gemino makes it possible for clients to have a valuable resource at their disposal – one that few businesses know how to take full advantage of: multilingual, centrally managed content that can grow and be updated, modified or added to with very little effort. Gemino aligns its resources and technologies with the exact requirements of your company’s procedures, so you don’t have to invest in, implement or maintain in-house hardware or software.

Further information can be found in our OTAM® brochure, available as a PDF download. (currently only available in German)